Office Design Ideas | Shannon Bieter Interiors

Office Design Ideas | Shannon Bieter Interiors

by Shannon Bieter, January 23, 2015

Do you get the office blues every Monday when you enter your work area?  Well, that’s understandable because when you think about it a big percentage of your time is spent at work.

The space below reminds me so much of my first job working in the US House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.   Let’s just say I had the office blues at that job.


The office furnishing industry has come a long way since I started my business 12 years ago.  More and more employers are offering furnishing budgets or a variety of office furniture selections to employees as they join a company or firm. Whether you’re commuting downtown or have a home office space there are many options.  I wanted to share a few companies that are thinking out of the box regarding office furniture.

Capital One really leaped on board to help their employees value the space they work in.  They even offer the option of having a desk with the ability to have different height options, which allows you to stand or better yet do light walking on a treadmill while reading e-mails or communicating on long conference calls.


Capital One;


Sitting in a chair the entire day looking at a screen with fluorescent lighting isn’t good for the soul or productivity.  Why not create an inviting space to do your daily work?

I wanted to showcase a few work environments where innovative office furniture is being used by some of the leading businesses in the US.  Now, these companies would be a place to land a job!  Whole Foods, Bayer, The Advisory Board Company, Morrison and Foerster Law Firm, Viyet, Capital One, and most of the tech industry.  These companies want to attract the brightest and most creative in the work force by offering an inviting workspace.



Whole Foods;


Whole Foods;


Whole Foods;


Glenn Low Firm;




The Advisory Board Company;


The Advisory Board Company;

Advisory Board


Morrison and Foerster Law Firm;


Morrison and Foerster Law Firm;




I would never have the office blues if I could have this bright, bold office by Tineke Triggs of Artistic Design Studio.


Later this month I’ll be sharing some thoughts on office chairs, and how to make your home office space appealing to work in. Okay, if you’re an employer out there I challenge you to allocate funds to help your employees enjoy their space and work.  I bet you would see productivity levels rise!




photo credits Photo 1 – David Gunnels,  2 – Capital One – OTJ Architects, 3 – Gensler Group, 4 – Viyet’s – Genevieve Garruppo & Designer Meryl Grodnick Fishman,  5 – 7 – Whole Foods – Wirt Design Group, 9 – Bayer – Gensler Group, 10 – 11 – Advisory Board – Smith Group JJR, 12 – 15 – Morrison Foerster Law Firm – Gensler Group, 16 – Vitra,  17 – Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs

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